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2009 Scrapbook

For 2009_scrapbook. I will attempt to pretty this up later.
Edit: Yeah, that didn't work out. I'm just going to keep track of the books I read and movies I watch.

My Electronics
Laptop: black Dell Inspiron 1520
Cell Phone: red Verizon enV2
Ringtones: Diva-Beyonce (everyone), Halo-Beyonce (boyfriend), Single Ladies-Beyonce (voicemail/texts)
Ipod: 8 gb video iPod with purple Sony headphones
Gaming: pink Nintendo DS
Digital Camera: silver Kodak EasyShare C613

Books Read
1. His First Wife-Grace Octavia (January 4)
2. Something on the Side-Carl Weber (March 1)
3. My Woman, His Wife-Anna J. (March 7)
4. In Love With a Younger Man-Cheryl Robinson (April 17)

Movies Watched
1. The Other Boleyn Girl-January 10 (cable)
2. Because I Said So-January 11 (cable)
3. Bride Wars-January 16 (bootleg)
4. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button-January 17 (bootleg)
5. Notorious-January 19 (online)
6. Prayers for Bobby-January 24 (Lifetime)
7. Push-February (theater)
8. Watchmen-March 6 (theater)
9. 50 First Dates-April 6 (DVD)

Video Games (for Nintendo DS)
Currently Playing:
New Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, Brain Age, Mario Party, Cooking Mama 2, Cake Mania
MySims-purchased January 4, 2009
Clubhouse Games-purchased January 4, 2009
My Sims Party-April 5, 2009
Rhythm Heaven-April 5, 2009
Wonder World Amusement-April 8, 2009
Mario 64 DS-April 8, 2009

New Places Visited
Pure Nightclub-Washington, DC (January 2, 2009-with Kimmy and 2 of her coworkers)
Sushi Bar-Bethesda, MD
Ocean City, MD-April 6-10 (Spring Break)

Last updated April 18, 2009


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Feb. 26th, 2009 01:36 pm (UTC)
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